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20s Plenty For Us campaign

20s Plenty For UsThe Green Party is supporting the 20sPlenty campaign to introduce 20 mph limits on all residential roads, and Bolton Greens are petitioning support for this measure locally. The initiative has now been strongly recommended for implementation by the European Parliament.

On Bolton's roads in 2009, 11 people were killed, 66 were seriously injured, and 920 were slightly injured. The total cost of all this suffering was an estimated £42.1 million. Bolton is the second worst authority in Greater Manchester for crash costs.

Britain has the highest percentage of pedestrian road fatalities in Europe (22.5%), and speed limits on Britain's urban roads are 60% higher than Europe (30 mph compared to 18.6 mph).

What can be done?
Each 1 mph reduction in average speed gives a 6% reduction in collision frequency. Imposing a 20mph limit on all residential roads in Portsmouth has reduced casualties by 22%. This has been achieved without the need for speed humps or other expensive engineering works, and involved a cost of only £333 per street.

Who else is doing it?
More than 7.4 million people are now living in towns and cities that are committed to 20 mph limits.

We want it to happen in Bolton!

Please sign the online petition, and for more information see here.


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