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Bolton Greens campaign for animal rights

Animal rightaThe Green Party is the only Parliamentary Party with strong animal policies at the heart of its manifesto.

Bolton Greens engage in those campaigns which seek to eliminate the exploitation of animals, and which foster a greater understanding of our inter-relationship with other species.

The development of human society has had detrimental effects on the lives of other species. The prevailing assumption that animals can be used for any purpose that benefits mankind is not acceptable in a Green society.

We campaign against intensive indoor farming, which we consider contributes to animal suffering, environmental destruction, and pollution. The diversion of grains and pulses into animal feed also contributes to human food shortages elsewhere in the world. We would encourage a reduction in the consumption of meat and dairy products.

We are opposed to vivisection and seek increased investment in alternative methods. There are significant differences between animal and human physiology - 92% of new drugs successful in animal studies go on to fail in human clinical trials. The claim that animal experimentation is essential to medical development is not supported by scientific evidence. A large number of animals are also used for non-medical testing. There are now many alternative techniques that should be fully exploited.

We are fundamentally opposed to all blood-sports. We oppose the killing of, or infliction of pain or suffering upon, animals in the name of sport or leisure and will work to end all such practices (see the Campaign Against Greyhound Racing). We oppose the use of animals in circuses and campaign for its prohibition.

The Green Party campaigns for the reintroduction of dog licences, with all breeders requiring special licences, and for all dogs be microchipped with the registered owner being deemed to be responsible for the dog.

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