Zoom meeting attended by Chich Hewitt

27 December 2020

I was invited to the reconstituted Green Party Disability  Group meeting on 24 November. 30 people met via Zoom, and following brief introductions there were three breakout groups, one considering social media, the second asking what might be expected of this group/committee, and the third asking what would be expected from the Green Party regarding Disability

Participants came from many places, and I noted in the North West there were individuals from Lancaster, Liverpool, Stockport and Warrington.  I noted that the Warrington representative referred to her area and Hulton in considering a Target to Win candidate.There were moving stories of difficulties people were experiencing in their lives through a variety of disabling conditions, some further impaired by PIP. it was hoped that future conferences would take disabilities into account so that all could participate fully, and that the subject would be higher on the agenda of the Green Party in its manifesto and in its consideration of the regions it serves.

Some mentioned a recent meeting of an All Party Parliamentary Group where, despite frustrations, disability issues were raised. Participants felt encouraged at the end of the meeting,, and felt that their issues were now being heard. 

Under the leadership of Dzaier Neill, there is the hope that this will no longer be another fringe group.

Chich Hewitt

Bolton Green Party member