Confirmed Green Party Candidates running in the Bolton Council elections

5 April 2019

Bolton Green Party has put forward the following candidates for their ascribed wards:

  • Bradshaw: Laura Diggle
  • Breightmet: Trish Bolton
  • Bromley Cross: Liz Spencer
  • Crompton: Dan Bolton
  • Great Lever: David Figgins
  • Halliwell: Pam Spurling
  • Harper Green: Matthew Barnes
  • Heaton & Lostock: Heather Rylance
  • Horwich& Lostock: Keith Cocker
  • Horwich North East: Rod Riesco
  • Hulton: Wendy Ann Shepherd
  • Rumworth: Alan Johnson
Our party wants to put solar panels on council buildings and schools, tackle fly-tipping and improve recycling. We oppose austerity and wants to protect vital services and we would push the council to produce "needs budgets" to run alongside government-imposed cuts budgets. We also pledge to tackle air pollution since Bolton has some of the worst affected areas in the country. Bolton Green Party also opposes fracking and has committed to protecting green spaces by supporting campaigns in the borough.
Group leader Alan Johnson said:
"The Green Party, nationally, is the fourth largest party in England and Wales, in terms of members and elected representatives. We aim to do politics in a different way, Green Councillors are not subjected to following a party line, or following a whip system, Green Councillors are free to listen, and represent the electors. We feel Bolton is really crying out for changes, and the Green Party, is best equipped to tackle this, we want to see a cleaner Greener, fairer Bolton, Electors should not be taken for granted. "We aim to take decision making to it’s lowest level, allowing more say to people in how their communities are run, and listen to what their genuine concerns are."