Bolton Council Election Candidates 2019


Bradshaw - Laura Diggle


Breightmet - Trish Bolton

I'm a believer in change. I feel that I can make a difference and want to have local issues solved for local people. I want to tackle fly tipping and its causes. Potholes on all breightmet roads and to look at what we can recycle.



Bromley Cross - Liz Spencer

Bromley Cross is a beautiful place! To keep it that way we need to build the right homes in the right places to the highest standards. We need to reduce congestion and pollution by promoting and prioritising active transport in conjunction with efficient unified public transport. The future has to be green!

Crompton - Dan Bolton

Great Lever - David Figgins

 Halliwell - Pam Spurling

Harper Green - Matthew Barnes

Heaton and Lostock - Heather Rylance

Keith Cocker 

Horwich and Lostock - Keith Cocker

"Keith has lived in Horwich for more than 30 years. He believes Horwich is a wonderful place to live but it can only thrive if decisions are made focussed on the needs of its people and its environment. The Green Party stands for these."


Horwich North East - Rod Riesco

Age: 69

Occupation: Freelance Translator

Address: Horwich.

Stop trashing our environment for private profit. Don’t waste time on petty squabbles between Labour, Tories and Lib Dems. Let’s work together locally and nationally for a future of sustainable shared prosperity, for us and our children’s children.


Hulton - Wendy Ann Shepherd

Married with a 21 year old son. As Green Party candidate if elected I will bring a new approach to the Council. Not having to follow a party line, I am free to truly represent the residents of Hulton Ward, I will fight to save our Green Spaces from development, I have been active in the campaign to Save Hulton Playing, and I support  Heart Campaign to save Hulton Estate. Green Party Candidates feel the protection of our Green spaces is vital to a happy healthy community. Flytipping is another issue I will really challenge, I will give a voice to all residents, it is time for change in Hulton.


Rumworth - Alan Johnson

I am Married with a  Daughter , and 21 year old Grandson, I have lived in the ward for over 30 years, and  am well aware of the problems facing the residents. There is a massive problem with Flytipping in Rumworth which is not being addressed, I aim to tackle this head on if elected. We have many derelict sites that need development, houses are badly needed, and we need to use these brownfield sites. Rumworth ward has been neglected for far too long, I intend to speak up for residents.I am an active member of Campaigns such as Save Our Local NHS, and protecting our Green Spaces, I have been involved in Save Hulton Playing Field Campaign.